Members Meeting

Venue: Pride of Asia, 207 Mile End Road, London, E1 4AA

Date: 5/21/2015

Dear All COBBC Founder Members,

It is my great pleasure to inform you that we have had a successful and fruitful meeting held on the 21st of May 2015 at Pride of Asia. Summary of the meeting is as follows:

The newly developed website was launched at (designed by Salik Bhai and his team Chef Online Smart Restaurant Solution).

The main feature of the website will be apart from what you can see is the members page. This page is still under development, however we will be able to manage most of our administration and have our dairy management facility. We will also have document library where we will have all our documents, agendas, minutes of meeting ect for all members to see. The member’s page is password protected. We will provide all members with username and password to access member’s area in due course.

On the issue of the structure of the organisation, majority agreed that the structure should be kept under the “Association” route with a constitution.

It was agreed that there should be 3 different Bodies under the constitution:

  • Advisory CommitteeIt was agreed unanimously that the following 7 founder members are to be advisers (subject to the individual’s agreeing) 
  1. Mr Abdus Samad Chowdhury
  2. Mr Enam Ali MBE
  3. Mr Iqubal Ahmed OBE
  4. MR Mahtabur Rahman (Nasir)
  5. Mr Shahgir Bakth Faruk
  6. Mr Sirajul Haque
  7. Dr Wali Tasar Uddin MBE DBA
  • Executive Committee –Posts agreed:
  1. Chairman – Jamal Uddin Mokkodus
  2. Senior Vice Chairman – Helal Uddin Khan
  3. Vice Chairman – Dr Sanawar Choudhury
  4. Vice Chairman – Akik Fozlur Rahman
  5. Treasurer – Ashraf Talukdar

Initially it was proposed that Saydur Rahman Renu JP would take this post, however due to his other commitments this position will now be filled by (the Joint Treasurer Ashraf Talukdar)

  1. Joint Treasurer – As this post has become vacant, may I propose Wazid Hassan Shelim for everyone’s consideration?
  2. Secretary – Barrister Moinul Islam
  3. Joint Secretary – Sadek Ali (Shipu)
  4. Press & Publicity – Monir Ahmed
  5. Plus following Executive Committee Members (in the order as they appear in the brochure)

Abdus Samad Choudhury (Sohail), Abul Lais, Ana Miah, Md. Hafizur Rahman, Mathab Miah, Nurul Karim, Md. Saydur Rahman Renu JP, Ms Subrina Hossain, Zakir Khan

  • Event Management Committee– (Lalon Festival) Team of 5 people
  1. Aziz-ur Rahman
  2. Abdul Munin (Salik)
  3. China Chowdhury
  4. Haziz Alam Baksh
  5. Sufi Miah

It was also agreed that we should add life members but the newly formed Executive will make a decision on this at their next meeting.

Send on behalf of,

Barrister Moinul Islam,

Secretary, CoBBC